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Important information

Important information

Non-guaranteed benefits

This plan combines intangible assets from networked economies, digital commodities and shared economies with insurance, loan and fixed-income assets in the real economy to create digital commodity assets that offer wealth preservation and wealth growth opportunities along with payment functionality for subscribers.

The Company will pool the proceeds from subscribers into a pool of funds that it will operate and use to invest in market development, technology development and real financial markets. To align the interests of the Company with subscribers’, the Company aims to develop “RINO” into a digital commodity asset with both the functions of medium of exchange and store of value, which will be accepted worldwide.

Factors affecting return on investment

The following factors can have significantly impact on the investment of the subscriber, for example, interest rate risk, foreign exchange rate risk, liquidity risk, credit risk including changes in interest income from interest rate movements, and changes in asset values due to fluctuations in financial markets and economic activity. These may originate from default risk, volatility risk, and the performance of the overall investment environment.

Investment philosophy, strategy and objectives

It is the Company’s philosophy to strive to realise the wealth preservation, wealth growth and payment functions of “RINO”, at the same time, to deliver competitive and steady returns in the medium/long-term. This is consistent with the investment objectives, business and financial goals of “RINO”.

The Company adopts a rigorous and disciplined approach to determine the strategic asset allocation, including net asset value and investment amount. We carefully monitor market conditions and will adjust the allocation timely. If there are any major changes to the investment strategy, we will inform subscribers of “RINO” of the changes, the reasons behind such changes and the impact on the future development of “RINO”.

Major risk

Subscribers may be subject to conversion risk associated with commodity assets. Conversion of commodity assets may result in changes to the accepted trading volume receivable or investable by subscribers as a result of market movements.

Short-term trading

“RINO” is designed for long-term holdings. Short-term trading may cause significant losses. The volume of commodities receivable by subscribers may be substantially lower than the volume invested.

Disclaimer and warning

The above information is not intended for use by any person located in or residing in any jurisdiction that restricts the use or distribution of such information. Information set out in this product brochure does not constitute a distribution, an offer to buy or sell or the solicitation of any offer to buy or sell in any jurisdiction where such distribution or offer is not authorised.

Subscribers should read this product brochure carefully before making any decision related to subscription.

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Disclaimer: This website is for information purposes only and does not constitute a solicitation for investment in the company described herein.This brief document cannot disclose all the risks and other factors necessary for evaluation of any potential investment. Any decision to invest should take into account the entirety of this document, additional documentation to be supplied to potential investors by RINO and the individual’s financial goals and risk tolerance. An investment in these timepieces offered by RINO should be viewed as a medium to long-term investment.


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Project completion date

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Eligible age for subscription

18 or above

Eligible trading commodity for subscription


Eligible subscribers

(a) Age 18 or above or the statutory age of entering binding contracts in accordance with applicable laws;
(b) An individual, legal person or organization that has full legal capacity and authorization to enter into the terms of use herein;
(c) Eligibility to use RINO services has never been suspended or terminated;
(d) The subscriber currently does not have a RINO account. If the subscriber is acting as an employee or agent on behalf of a legal entity and signs this agreement of terms in such capacity, the subscriber is required to warrant that he or she has all the necessary rights and authority to bind the legal entity in this agreement.