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On the journey to wealth,
you ought to seize opportunities timely
so that you can realise your aspirations
and goals in life.

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“RINO” is the world’s
first digital commodity
with an underlying portfolio
based on real finance.

RINO Digital Assets – Global Series is a dynamic savings plan empowered with an array of brand-new product features. RINO Digital Assets – Global Series is tailored for investors like you who are focused on the long-term investment horizon, striving to provide sumptuous wealth appreciation potential to grow your wealth for a happy prosperous life.

Production methods used in office automation and electronic payment system platforms in the networked era have unrivalled superiority over traditional production methods; in real life, however, they are just series of 0s and 1s. When digital commodities display the characteristics of assets, they are digital assets. Digital assets have the following characteristics:

1. Priceyness

These are job-specific applications that involve relatively high research and development costs, and they are more highly priced than goods manufactured in factories.

2. High dependency

Application software must be supported by computer hardware and system software to function; it cannot function in a standalone mode.

3. High interactivity

Even the simplest application software has certain interactive functions, for example, error messages to alert the operator. This is the most basic superiority of IT products.

4. Infinite output

Digital commodities are scarce as digital assets (not all enterprises or individuals can create digital assets), and yet they are infinite in output. Tangible commodities are limited in output because of the enterprises’ finite financial resources and storage space.

5. Diminishing costs

The production cost of tangible assets increases with the quantity produced. The costs of digital assets are mostly the costs incurred in the early production stage of research and development, and sales and other operating expenses during the sales process. On the other hand, the output of digital products is infinite. The development cost of a digital product is amortised across the production quantity according to traditional financial accounting methods. Therefore, the cost of digital products diminishes with increase in sales volume.

RINO PLUS INC. is principally engaged in the development of technologies such as digital commodities, game points and data processing (except data processing and storage for bank card centres, and cloud computing data centres with a power usage effectiveness (PUE) value above 1.5); and the provision of financial information technology, business process and knowledge process outsourcing services for financial institutions.